Immersive Inclusion

Putting Stories to Work

Immersive Inclusion take real workplace situations and makes them into compelling audio-casts for use in a uniquely designed training format designed to bring to life what it takes to create a truly inclusive workplace, by engaging participants emotionally through the experience of a “real life” character and unpacking their personal reactions, one person at a time.

Series 1: 7Seconds - Synopsis

Doing well and being recognized as high potential can sometimes be more a curse than a blessing.

Come with Minh as he’s promoted into the head office environment where all that was familiar now becomes alien.

Disconnected from friends and family, Minh has to work out if he’s actually qualified for the job. Is he a winner or loser, is he the problem or is it everyone else? Feeling alone, excluded and floundering, he finds himself poised on the edge.

Come inside Minh’s tumultuous entry into office politics, assumption, bias, unrealistic expectations and isolation.

Through the metaphor of the story, join with us to explore and understand how inclusion is impacted by:

  • Language, especially for non-native English speakers;
  • Ethnic origin and culture, notably expat or foreign staff;
  • Work-life balance, including family responsibilities, extra-curricular interest;
  • Wellbeing, such as mental health and support; and
  • Success, and the many facets of achievement

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