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Immersive Inclusion

Conceived as a response to growing challenges from diminishing training time and budget but the growing need for dialogue and cultural transformation, to win talent and make sustainable workplace cultures, Immersive Inclusion was conceived as a means to compress the time needed and maximise the value of training, in order to generate visceral understanding of complex cultural challenges.

More than conceptual training or participant led scenario-based training has so far been able to achieve, Immersive Inclusion provides the foundation for participants to engage, react, explain and assess their own perceptions and how these might impact the workplace, how the workplace may help or hinder and identify where change needs to happen.

Founded upon 13 years of pioneering practitioner understanding in Diversity & Inclusion, specifically in the Asian and multi-cultural context, Immersive Inclusion is built from an understanding for how cultures outside the modern Western MNC, experience demands for increased diversity and the concepts of inclusion.

Immersive Inclusion About
By using stories of outsiders, our audio-casts paint a picture that listeners can colour in, to explain how they engage in the world and workplace and to understand how their actions can make a positive impact.

Diversity is more than simple biology or differences in physical capacity or religious belief. And Inclusion requires an effort from everyone in the workplace not just for the benefit for a few.

Immersive Inclusion About

Through our stories, participants can explore these concepts through the lens of an experience, a story born in truth and fact, but made a little more colourful to enrich the learning experience.

Our Offering


An Immersive Inclusion series provides the content for a variety of participant engagements for which we have envisaged ways to use the story. However, we recognise that every facilitator will have their own way of delivery and we encourage that.

To assist and guide, but not prescribe, we propose three approaches to using audio-casts:

  • Awareness – a 2 hr facilitated conversation to develop a shared understanding and recognition of core concepts including unconscious bias and inclusion
  • Understanding – a half day facilitation that builds upon participant reactions for the audio-cast, to interaction with the characters in a forum-theatre format, allowing alternative scenarios to be developed tested and reviewed.
  • Experience – a full day immersion, where participants engage in self-reflection, to define and practice the skills for more effective inclusive leadership through use of the audio-casts as context for forum-theatre and psychometric based consideration of the sources of exclusive leadership practice.

No matter what approach is deployed, there is always scope to bring the learnings back to an assessment of the organization and what needs to be done internally to improve the environment.

This is readily enabled through reflection and using the audio-cast content for sourcing analogous behaviours in the workplace.

In addition to these approaches, customized programs allow facilitators endless avenues for innovation and creativity, to meet the needs of clients.


Looking to start a conversation about concepts of workplace culture, equity, fairness, harassment, inclusion or bias? These are just some of the topics that can be leveraged out of our audio-casts.

Requiring participants to listen to an Immersive Inclusion series, they will be ready to attend a facilitated discussion where in 2 hours, all of these topics and more can be explored.


Intended to allow participants to engage in a dialogue to test theories and assumptions, this half day facilitation builds upon participant reactions to the audio-cast, through interaction with the characters in a forum-theatre format, allowing alternative scenarios to be developed tested and reviewed.


Designed as a full day immersion, participants engage in self-reflection, to define and practice the skills for more effective inclusive leadership.

Throughout the session the audio-casts provide context for forum-theatre, while psychometrics identify sources of leadership behaviour and practice, enabling participants to explore their strengths and opportunities as inclusive leaders.


Flexibly Deployed

Accessed straight from our LMS, clients can deploy an audio-cast series with speed and ease. Simply contact us, register you interest and sign up to our terms.

Then agree a date and deployment plan and provide us with your participant names for registration. Deployment can be in one self guided block of episodes, or one a week or daily.

We will then engage participants, guide them through the story and have them ready for the workshop according to your schedule.

How you deploy relies on how you want to use the story and facilitate the discussion. With such a flexible method of access, it all comes down to the experience you wish to create.

Rebranded or Customised

Looking to make the scenarios a little less abstract or want to have the audio-casts within your own LMS?

Contact Us to learn more about how we can partner and provide greater participant access within your organization or under your own internal training brand.

From experience, we know that some episodes address topics in ways that allow them to be used in isolation. Simply share with us your needs and we can assess how you might best use the series.

New & Bespoke

Like the concept but our story isn’t quite right for you? Want your company or clients to be more real and recognizable or you have a scenario you want to portray? No problem, we just need a bit more time and planning, but we have the format, cast, producer & director, scriptwriter and studio all on hand.

Just work with our team to develop the story and we will get it into production. Contact us to start the conversation.

Our Stories



Doing well and being recognized as high potential can sometimes be more a curse than a blessing.

Come with Minh as he’s promoted into the head office environment where all that was familiar now becomes alien.

Disconnected from friends and family, Minh has to work out if he’s actually qualified for the job. Is he a winner or loser, is he the problem or is it everyone else? Feeling alone, excluded and floundering, he finds himself poised on the edge.

Come inside Minh’s tumultuous entry into office politics, assumption, bias, unrealistic expectations and isolation.

Through the metaphor of the story, join with us to explore and understand how inclusion is impacted by:

  • Language, especially for non-native English speakers;
  • Ethnic origin and culture, notably expat or foreign staff
  • Work-life balance, including family, responsibilities, extra-curricular interest;
  • Wellbeing, such as mental health and support; and
  • Success, and the many facets of achievement.

Concepts & Themes

Through the story, facilitators can work with participants on a variety of levels, to explore personal understandings of many common workplace situations and themes, as well as considering the impact of these on their own employment and working life.

By listening to the audio-cast and engaging in a facilitated dialogue or workshop, participants are exposed to and can explore concepts including:

  • Inclusion
  • Diversity
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Generalisations & Stereotypes
  • Psychological Safety
  • Micro Aggressions or Exclusions


Set in the environment of a typical corporate office, the experience of the lead character illustrates inclusion and exclusion to participants at all levels and experience.

With characters and situations generic to office staff and senior leadership alike, there is unlikely to be a staff member that cannot relate to the experience of the lead character.


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Our Approach

Consultant Trainer

Looking for the hassle-free way of getting audio-casts into your business quickly? Simply engage us and we shall provide the skilled facilitators to meet your need. We will manage the entire process, from staff communication, program deployment through to workshop delivery – all you need to organize is a venue and the staff.

Internal and Third-party Facilitators

We encourage third-party or internal trainers or freelance consultants to make use of our stories and integrate them in their own training designs. Should you want to use our audio-casts to complement your own offering, we provide simple end-user access and/or the training and resources you need. Contact us for more information or a chat.

Internal Capability Build (Train-the-Trainer)

Want to leverage the internal business knowledge and skills of your in-house facilitators? We can provide accreditation training to your staff to deploy the audio-cast series within your business. Through a simple Train-the-trainer program we can provide the skills and content expertise to deliver Immersive Inclusion workshops within your business. Typically aimed at the Awareness session design, other deliver modes can be provided, simply Contact Us.