Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download the audio-cast to my personal device?

Provided you have an internet connection, you should be able to listen from anywhere at your convenience, from your phone, tablet or PC. However, for copyright reasons we require you to listen from within a secure site.

Can I simply get access to the audio-casts and run my own training?

Yes, you can. While we are available and would love to assist as your consultants or trainers, if you just want the story, we’d be delighted to register your users and get them listening. If your trainers or consultants need any instruction, we can certainly support them.

What if I want to tailor the story to my own organizational issues or content?

Although this will require a bit more time and effort on your part and ours, we certainly have the capabilities and interest to help you develop your own audio-casts. Just share with us your goals and we can start from there.

I am a freelance trainer, in-house trainer or consultant and want to use the Immersive Inclusion audio-casts.

That’s great and we’re flattered by your interest. Simply register yourself and we’ll get you set up. You can simply then advise us of your listeners and we’ll provide them access. Connect with us through the Contact Us page and we can pick up the conversation from there.

I have staff spread out in multiple locations, how is Immersive Inclusion deployed for such audiences?

Immersive Inclusion was developed with this very challenge in mind. Through common deployment and small group size, it is possible to facilitate the Awareness session via online participation. Contact Us at Immersive Inclusion to learn more.

Our workforce numbers are quite large and our training budgets lean, how can audio-casts help?

We can structure pricing to be very affordable for large audiences. Partner this with in-house facilitators trained by us, and you have a very competitive and scalable model for your training. Contact Us to discuss this further.

Our senior team need training, but they just don’t have the time for attending long workshops.

Immersive Inclusion is designed to deliver the maximum amount of content in the simplest way, causing minimal disruption to a participant’s busy schedule. By listening to the audio-casts in their own time, at their pace, participants come to workshops primed and ready to get to work. No protracted preamble or explanation about content or goals or purpose. This is ideal for senior leaders with short attention spans and tight timelines. Using our approach clients can maximise the learning value of a meagre 2 hours face time.

Throughout the website and your training there are a lot of “industry” words, can you please explain them?

Inclusion – What it means to have a sense of belonging, as sense bestowed on a person by the welcoming and respectful acts of others.

Diversity – The importance differences we each poses, beyond anti-discrimination attributes, to include cognitive difference, industry background, experience, university, presentation style, preferences, perspectives, knowledge or opinion.

Unconscious Bias – The expression or application, typically unconsciously, of judgment of people or situations either positively or negatively.

Generalisations & Stereotypes – Expressions of general description that too often cluster groups of people or behaviours into a single type for ease of description or characterisation.

Psychological Safety – The capacity and space to feel free to express an opinion or idea that may be counter to popular thought, or to fail or take risks, without fear of retribution or blame.

Micro Aggressions or Exclusions – Subtle but often unconscious statements or acts that create vague or uncertain feelings of insult or exclusion in others.

What other workplace diversity & inclusion topics does the training and audio-cast touch upon?

  • Insider/Outsider dynamics
  • Power & privilege
  • Respect and empathy
  • Workplace “fit” and potential
  • Cross-cultural difference
  • Gender equity
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Workplace culture, values and behaviours
  • Impact v Intent: Impact does not equal intent
  • Micro aggressions & exclusions
  • Equity v equality
  • Bullying & intimidation
  • Unwritten Ground Rules (URGs)
  • Multipliers & Diminishers
  • Dis/engagement