Immersive Inclusion

Putting Stories to Work

Immersive Inclusion take real workplace situations and makes them into compelling audio-casts for use in a uniquely designed training format designed to bring to life what it takes to create a truly inclusive workplace, by engaging participants emotionally through the experience of a “real life” character and unpacking their personal reactions, one person at a time.

Immersive Inclusion

Learning is more than a Workshop

Immersive Inclusion is more than self-paced learning, as there is a conversation and exploration to be had at the end. It is better than a pre-read because it comes in brief sound bites that can be listened to at the participant’s leisure and when they have a free moment, while in the office, out to lunch, exercising or commuting. Our training offering is flexible, to meet your learners at their level. From simple awareness to self-reflective and individual skills building, the facilitation program can be designed to suit your business and learner’s needs.

A unique form of delivery

More flexible than theatre-based learning, more impactful than simple content driven workshops, more time efficient than classroom training and more dynamic in the scope of concepts you can cover.

Immersive Inclusion takes the best of the technology, experience and engagement available to bring a new way for blending training for impact.

Have it delivered your way

Access to the stories is via our LMS, yet facilitation is through our consultants, accredited third party consultants or via your own internal accredited staff.

Simply let us know how you want to deploy our audio-casts and we have the method to get you up and running in no time.

Book a time for us to connect with you and the wheels will be set in motion.

Perhaps you want to be in full control, our “Train-the-trainer” program will accredit your internal staff to deliver in-house facilitated debriefs, all you need to is subscribe to the audio-cast for as many participants as you need.

Or leave it all to us, we can source the consultant, engage participants and deliver the program. You can decide.